Apache Myriad (incubating)
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Deploy Apache YARN Applications Using Apache Mesos


Apache Myriad enables the co-existence of Apache Hadoop and Apache Mesos on the same physical infrastructure. By running Hadoop YARN as a Mesos framework, YARN applications and Mesos frameworks can run side-by-side, dynamically sharing cluster resources.

Key Features

  • YARN resource manager and node managers running inside Mesos containers.
  • Static resource allocation
  • Fine-grained resource allocation
  • High-Availablity and graceful restart
  • Support YARN FairScheduler and all other functionality
  • Deploy YARN ResourceManager with Marathon
  • Run MapReduce v2, Hive, Pig, Mahout, etc.


Apache Myriad 0.3.0 (Incubating) Released
March 25, 2019
Apache Myriad community releases the third version of Myriad.
Apache Myriad 0.2.0 (Incubating) Released
Jun 29, 2016
Apache Myriad community releases the second version of Myriad.
Apache Myriad 0.1.0 (Incubating) Released
Dec 9, 2015
Apache Myriad community releases the first version of Myriad.
Myriad Migrated to Apache Git
Sep 24, 2015
Myriad codebase has been migrated from Github to Apache's git infrastructure.
Project Enters Incubation
Feb 28, 2015
Myriad project has been accepted into the Apache Software Foundation Incubation process.